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Technical Information

A history of the regulations for the hazardous waste combustion sector.

What is a hazardous waste?

How many different types of hazardous waste combustors are there?

How do hazardous waste combustors remove pollutants from their stack gases?

What are the current emission standards for hazardous waste combustors?

What is the curent status of hazardous waste combustor regulations?

How much risk is there from hazardous waste combustors?

What does one-in-a-million risk really mean?

How have the emissions from hazardous waste combustors changed over time?

How do the mass emissions from hazardous waste combustors compare with other stationary combustion sources?

A glossary of terms used in hazardous waste combustion

Common questions asked about dioxins

The current status of the science of mercury in the environment

The role of incineration in integrated waste management - The total story.
K.C. Lee presentation made in 1991

Hardous waste management in the United States
Paper presented at the 6th International Symposium on Hazardous Waste Management, Odense, Denmark, 1996

A brief history of startup, shutdown, and malfunction plans
Paper presented at the Hazardous Waste Speciality Conference, 2003

CRWI plays a leading role in combustion research

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